We create modern IT solutions for tomorrow’s brands.

Our Activities


We design ultimate UI/UX experiences to help our customers maximise their online presence


We deliver multifaceted solutions for our customers, whether it be frontend, or backend


Our clients benefit from our hands-on approach and we help them tailor creative solutions for their requirements


Digital Intelligence Ltd has been doing Information Technology business all over the world since July 1996.

With head office in the UK, we reach out to customers both near and far and have worked with companies in Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Botswana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, USA and Russia.

We are interested in poverty alleviation and do charity work in Africa, with a focus on bridging the technological divide by providing equipment and training to those we are able to help.


What we do


Web Design

We design and develop web solutions - portals, CMS, PWA, etc.



Your data is managed in various sources from NoSQL, to SQL databases.


Tech Support

Technical Support for networking, e-mail, hosting and desktop applications.


API Design

Customers launching high traffic applications consult us for solutions.


Mobile Apps

We write hybrid and native mobile applications to compliment our deliveries.



We implement PayPal, card payments and Mobile Money API systems.


Print Media

We not only do digital media, we do print media as well!


Systems Design

If you need to build an application, contact us to get value for money.



We develop and deploy IoT solutions. We have written UI solutions for a robotic lawn mower and UAVs.



We train people in IT solutions, such as web & mobile app programming, networking, database management, amongst other subjects.



We write DeFi, DApps and Metaverse solutions for the blockchain space, including smart contracts on various platforms with fullstack deployments.

Sample works

Cyril & Co Solicitors


We build websites for our customers with the client's preferences foremost in our activities. Customers are always happy to take our advice, because we provide them the best value they will find anywhere and meet their needs

ResponSec Ltd.

Content Management Systems

We incorporate CMSs to enable the customer manage the website on their own without needing to consult us


Data management

Websites which obtain and manage data for users are catered for by our myriad of database solutions which are cost effective and secure. We do not expose our customers to data breaches and we offer long term care

We are interested in implementing new technology and delivering cutting edge solutions for our clients.

Bleeding edge technology

From standard web interfaces to mobile apps incorporating IoT (Internet of Things) and bespoke API interactions, we have been successful in helping clients from the technology sector, to government and education sectors to realise their technology dreams, which they never guessed would be possible. We specialise in mobile apps, writing Geolocation, mapping, payments, education & training, network management and community interaction applications. 

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